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Life is energy. Energy is life. It's that simple. But as technology has connected us to the world all around us, we're very often disconnected from the most powerful, most rejuvenating energy source on earth: the earth itself.
Wearing traditional shoes insulates you in ways that can be harmful to your wellness and wellbeing. But you don't have to take our word for it. Check out this informative piece by our Dr. Daniel Chong and sources below.

Are you connected?

As human beings have moved further and further into "modern life," we've simultaneously moved away from what is truly natural for us. Whether it's the way we eat, the way or the amount we move each day or even something as complex as the way we think, we have, indeed, become less connected with what it truly means to be human. And a growing body of evidence is beginning to reveal that in almost all contexts, this means unfortunate things for our health.

What's your approach?

The familiar approaches to maintaining our health, such as eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep, are obvious to most of us. But research is proving that doing such things in a manner that most closely mimics what our ancestors did when living in a more natural environment is perhaps the healthiest way to approach these things.
Ongoing research is also beginning to reveal that while we've worked hard to find the best ways to maintain health, we've forgotten a simpler, and possibly more powerful, way to do so. And it's literally as easy as touching the ground.

What's beneath your feet?

The surface of the earth is teeming with a continuous supply of electrons. Unfortunately, we do things that insulate or disconnect us from the earth's surface, such as wearing standard shoes that stop this necessary flow of electrons into our bodies.
When we're not insulated from these electrons, we literally quench the free radicals that accumulate in our bodies each day. Where do these free radicals come from? Everything from stress and man-made electromagnetic fields to toxins, infections and poor diets — all of which contribute to chronic inflammation.
Traditional footwear soles are made of materials that block conductivity. But Juil sandals are designed to keep essential electrons flowing. So women have a practical and stylish way to maintain this vital connection and men don't have to go barefoot.

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