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Dudipatsar Lake of Kaghan Valley, Pakistan 5

Kaghan is a heavenly part of Northern Pakistan which is filled with breathtaking sceneries and phenomenal scenic wonders. We have elaborated in an earlier article about the Lake Saiful Muluk. In this article, we’ll describe another natural wonder which lies in this region. This is a lake in Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park which has fantastic flora and fauna. The snow capped mountains include magical forestry full of fragrant shrubs and conifer tress.  Similarly, the region is home of many wild and rare species like black bear, snow leopard, snow cock and magnificent Himalayan partridges.  The whole park has unique wetlands and beautiful lakes which have critical importance for the resident biodiversity of the area. These water bodies also host the migratory waterfowls which come to this region during their long distance journey.

Dudipatsar Lake of Kghan Valley, Pakistan

Dudipatsar Lake or Dudipat Lake is located at an elevation of 3,800 metres in the extreme north of the Kaghan Valley, in the Mansehra District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, in northern Pakistan. The word “dudi” means white and “sar” means lake. This name has been given to the Dudipatsar lake because of the white color of snow at surrounding peaks. In summer the water of the Dudipatsar lake reflects like a mirror. The word “sar” is used with the name of each lake in the area, translating as ‘lake.’
Beautiful reflection of the surrounding mountains in the mirror water of Dudipaster

The ideal time to reach Dudipatsar Lake of Kaghan Valley, Pakistan is from June to late September during the year. The Dudipatsar Lake is also the home of the rare Seema Trout Fish which are naturally distributed in the freshwater lakes and rivers of the Himalayan Region. The side valleys, specially the banks of the Dusipatsar Lake become lush green in the months of June and July. This area was badly affected during the 2005 earthquake but since then lots of efforts are made for the restoration of this tourist destination including rebuilding and adding new tourism facilities and infrastructure.

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